How neglect, bad and poorly done repairs and renovations may affect the value of your property?

There are many factors that affect the value of properties, many of those are beyond our control such as politics, economy, market conditions, etc., so there is not much we can do about those. But, as property owners the upkeep and maintenance of our assets is something that is totally in our control and if not done or not done properly will definitely have an impact not only in the value of our properties but some little problems if not addressed on time can become bigger ones in the future.

* In our busy lifestyles neglect comes almost hand in hand with being too busy, that little one thing becomes bigger, then another one adds up because the one little thing wasn't addressed, or a new issue just happened, just like a Domino effect...

* Bad or poorly done repairs, most of the times they are as good as not having them done in the first place! most times the result is having to deal with the original problem and a new one on top of it since they just "covered or patched" an underlaying cause and in some instances can even lead to safety and legal issues.

The end result: deterioration to the physical property therefore deterioration to the value of the same

Did you really save any money by using unqualified labor and cheap materials?

Most property owners never consider this until the time comes to sell their property, and then... surprise, the Day of Reckoning arrives!... valuation of their property is way below the owner expectations, despite the real estate agent's efforts to sell the property at top price for their client, offers come low, or take a very long time to come in.


Simply because they are estimating all the money, time and hassle that the buyer will have to spend fixing and updating such property and deducting it from the asking price.

Did you really saved money by using unqualified labour, using cheap, bad materials, or ended up DIY instead of hiring professionals and using quality materials?

almost guaranteed the answer is No.

In simple words:

Would you buy something or be happy to pay full price for it knowing that it will cost you money, time and hassle to fix what others did wrong or didn't do at all?

What to do then?

  1. take action immediately and have those minor issues fixed, like the dripping faucet, the peeled linoleum, the broken handle, the loose trim, etc., etc., etc., before they come too many and before they get worse!
  2. there are a lot of things most people can do simply by using common sense but it is always better to call and consult a professional, having them take a look and discuss the options, get an estimate
  3. many of those issues shouldn't be expensive to fix if taken care as soon as possible and a lot of contractors including ourselves will offer a free estimate, a quick phone call consultation, email or a text message are always available options. Don't fall for over the phone pricing, how can someone price or diagnose something without physically seeing it? Professionals will like to do a site visit before giving a price.
  4. keep in mind that "too good to be true - probably is too good to be true" , "cheap comes with a cost and that cost is usually sacrificing quality in materials and skilled labour" and the end result was what?  deterioration to the physical property therefore deterioration to the value of your home!
  5. do your due diligence, do your research and select a qualified established professional, whether is us or some other contractor, if you select us, we will be happy to be your choice and will do our best to address your needs and provide our best service to you, work with you and your budget, let our experience in Renovations, House flips, Construction and External link opens in new tab or windowReal Estate with over 20 years of combined experience work for you!

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